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Special yoga training online live from the grand yurt from Sekoya Center



Thank you to all that are feeling the calling to join us
online in our special gathering in the Grand yurt.


As the winds keep changing whispering stories and meanwhile challenges in all of our lives, we call to practice together with our beloved commUNITY.


Yoga teachers & spaceholders:

Mirjam Houtenbos & Leoni Santander will be combining their love for the people, the work and to keep creating a moment we can move, focus on our breath and meditation practices & sending intentions out to the world.

This wil be a special program class as the intention will embody:

* Yin/Yang Yoga

* Sekoya dance yoga

* Pranayama practice

* Universal prayer

* Metta meditation

* Shamanic practice in savasanna


We invite you to join us, to create sacred space on your mat in your own home and connecting with each and the other with breath, movement & intentions.

Thank you beautiful students that we combined forces of light & the hart of compassion.


Live from the grand yurt through Sekoya's zoom channel.
The gift: 15,-


Reserve your space through the mind body app or
contact page of our website: sekoyacenter.com


Any physical conditions please send an e-mail ahead of time so that we can take this into consideration during the class session and all practice is fit for al ages. We work with integrity & respect towards our students.

"Lets join the forces and the love!"

We do this together
So much love always
~ Mirjam & Leoni