Solar Eclipse International Yoga Day!


Welcome to join us on this very special day and class when a full solar eclipse is happening on the 21st of June and worldwide free yoga classes are being shared for the collective wellbeing, love and connection.

We are One Family!

Around this beautiful planet this yoga day <3 is for the whole collective to take a moment to be together, inviting awareness, body movement connecting with our breath and as a group sending out intentions out to the world with focus and Love.

Everywhere on the earth, online and as well in open air possibilities people are gathering with the respectful distancing that is required at the moment to hold space together. As it is a Solar eclipse on this day we wil take a moment for this happening as well.

As we like to say here Sekoya Center:

"Dream a beter world"

Yes a wonderful team of 5 teachers united and ready to share some of their favorite teachings for you.
We are excited!

You are so welcome to come to the beautiful garden of Sekoya to join us on the mat. Please do bring your own mat if you have one, your own water bottle, blanket, meditation pillow and your beautiful energy.
This is a free class and we call this:
The diamond gift with Love!

Please do apply your reservation in our mind body app or send a message through the website through the contactpage. The garden is wide and spacious so there is plenty room to have space and be together:

Whom wil guide you through this special International yoga gathering:

Mirjam Houtenbos: Yin Yoga
Natalie Ilario: Lefmamma
Stephanie de Viso: Kundalini Yoga
Livia Radmanic: Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Leoni Santander: Sekoya Dance yoga

We are looking forward to seeing you! Lets contribute together for a beter world in respect, humbleness, integrity and understanding <3

Location: Sekoya Garden


So much Love 

Mirjam Houtenbos | Natalie Ilario
Stephanie de Viso | Livia Radmanic | Leoni Santander