The first visit involves the intake and traditional diagnosis. We will discuss your medical history and your reasons for coming to acupuncture. The diagnosis involves physical examination procedures. You will also receive your first treatment with Five Element Acupuncture. Please plan for up to three hours for this appointment, and please abstain from wearing perfume, deodorant, and makeup.

Subsequent visits include treatment with Five Element Acupuncture, which may also involve further procedures from the first visit. Please plan for one to one-and-a-half hours. As far as is practicable, please follow the guidelines mentioned for the first visit.

It is strongly recommended to undergo multiple treatments in the first 4-6 weeks. During this time, a week between visits is normally sufficient, but for certain treatments a shorter interval may be advised.

The treatments wil be in the Shala at Sekoya Center.


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The first session includes an initial examination including physical examination procedures, traditional diagnosis, and an acupuncture treatment. It furthermore involves a discussion of your health, including your main complaint, symptoms, any treatments you may have had, medications if any, your medical history and that of close family members. It may also be that you present no particular health problems but undertake treatment to maintain and refine your good health and performance.

During treatments your pulses will be taken (usually felt at the wrist) and your limbs, neck, back and spinal area, joints, and abdomen may be examined and palpated. Traditional Moxa will normally be used which involves a slowly smouldering bit of the herb placed on the skin.

Acupuncture is in general very safe and has extremely few side effects or complications. Sterile disposable needles are used. In a very small number of cases drowsiness can arise after treatment. If you experience this, it is not advised to drive. Small amounts of localized bleeding, or blood bruises which diminish within a few days, occur in approximately 3% of treatments. Muscle contractions occur in approximately 3% of treatments. Localized pain from needling arises in approximately 2% of treatments. Existing symptoms can worsen before improving 1-2 days after treatment (less than 3%). This is often a good sign. In very rare cases (one in thousands) a temporary rash can develop on the skin of the torso or legs.


All client information and treatment records are held strictly confidential. Records are in paper form only and are stored in a locked filing cabinet. The exception is invoices which are created on the computer and stored in a password-secured folder linked to Nomadesk secure online backup. Information will not be shared with others without your express consent. 


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