Living Yolates with Mirte Kaan


Healing in movement. This embodied, full spirit class, combines yoga, dance and sometimes Pilates, with breath work, meditation and energy work. Every lesson comes with a specific focus, for example reclaim your power, letting go of what no longer serves you or forgiveness. You are your own medicine; I am just here to guide you to yourself. The power in this class comes from the combination of different healing methods, in which your body can change its own biology. A visualization can heal, but it becomes truly powerful when you engage your body to make it a somatic practice. Your body is an intelligent system, which when given attention and care will do exactly what it needs to do to come back to balance and heal itself. The only thing we are asked to do is listen, and act on the signals our body gives us. But during normal life, listning can be very difficult! The world is full of noise and distraction. In my class I will bring you back to yourself and your own body with joy, so you can hear your own innate wisdom again.


This class is accessible to everybody: you do not need experience with any of the separate methods. When you have an injury or don’t feel comfortable with certain exercises; i will give you modifications, so you can still join the class and get all the benefits.  


The Living Yolates melody is a flow, which can be very soft in nature or more powerful, always with matching music. We start with grounding ourselves through meditation, breath work and/or visualization. We will then softly warm-up the body with stretches and soft movements to then build up to dancing and sometimes a few Pilates exercises to strengthen. The class ends with calming and cooling stretches and a letting go in savasana. After a living yolates class you will feel lighter, more centered, and stronger in yourself.Add: This class can be taught in English and Dutch.

Be welcome to join me in class! You can sign up through the mind body app (see contact page for download link)

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